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Journey into the universe of Worldtronic music with DJ Ishtar…


Groovy and tribal, danceable and mystical, DJ Ishtar indulges audiences with a whirling fusion of ethnic traditional music and modern electronica that soars from her decks and feels like a warm infusion for the soul.

DJ Ishtar was born in Iran in 1978 and settled in The Netherlands when she was 12 years old. Her sonic pilgrimage began at a young age: as the daughter of the sole distributors of western music in Iran at the time, she was nurtured with the psychedelic rock of Pink Floyd and the jazz of Coltrane, together with the traditional compositions of Iranian artists like Hossein Alizadeh.

By her late teens, she discovered her passion for electronic music in Amsterdam’s House scene. After travelling through Middle East and India, she began to work as a DJ in 2003 at club Nomads in Amsterdam, where she went on to become a resident, and developed her approach to merging the two worlds of traditional ethnic music and electronica - creating the sound she now calls ‘Worldtronica’.

She hosted her own weekly radio show on a national Dutch station Radio 6 for 3 years, and was resident at various Amsterdam club nights:
Ethnic Hysteric - Sugar Factory, Amsterdam (every other month), Nomads, Amsterdam (weekly), Little Buddha, Amsterdam (weekly).

With a musical mastery that flows easily from one style and culture to another, she has become renowned for her impassioned performances at various venues, private parties and festivals across Europe, India and Turkey. She creates soundscapes that shift and change, playing with the audience - catching them off-guard before giving them a soft place to land.

Bringing together music from the Middle East, Africa and India, and blending it with sounds from Europe, Japan and South America,
DJ Ishtar serves up a musical dish that is refreshingly unique.

Her journeys around the world constantly influence and shape her sound as they do her life.

Fascinated with Sufi mysticism since she was a young child, she is a passionate Sufi dancer, occasionally whirling live on stages around the world with Sufi musicians.
Intrigued by what she has seen of migration, globalisation, and modern forms of spirituality, she obtained a Masters degree in Sociology of Religion.

Her life flows into her music, expressing a desire to achieve that one special experience with her audience – a shared unity, love and respect for life, and a fantastic celebration of all the cultures the world has on offer.

Away from her decks, Ishtar's quest to merge cultural influences and break new ground continues...
Ishtar also works as cultural/artistic/musical programmer for various events and festivals, among others for Platform De Levante, De Balie (Amsterdam, NL),  Iranian Film Festival (Utrecht, NL) and Mondial Center (Haarlem, NL).

You can book DJ Ishtar as DJ, Sufi Dancer or
cultural/musical programmer for your event.
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